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I'm Dominik Bruhn and I welcome you to my website. It shows some information about me and about some of my projects. If you want to contact me, I'm happy to hear from you via email.


International Conference on Performance Engineering '13

For the 4th ACM/SPEC International Conference on Performance Engineering which took place in Prague in April 2013, I wroted on a research paper titled Predictive Performance Modeling of Virtualized Storage Systems using Optimized Statistical Regression Techniques. The paper was written by Qais Noorshams, Samuel Kounev, Ralf Reussner and me and extends the results from my diploma thesis (see below). It appears in the ICPE 2013 conference proceedings (published by ACM). The results from this paper made it to another follow up paper titled Automated Modeling of I/O Performance and Interference Effects in Virtualized Storage Systems which extended the results. This second paper was presented on the DCPerf 2014 workshop on data center performance in Madrid.

Diploma Thesis

My diploma thesis (Master's thesis equivalent) titled Modeling and Experimental Analysis of Virtualized Storage Performance using IBM System z as Example was written in summer 2012 in English. I worked together with the Chair for Software Design and Quality (SDQ) of the Institute for Program Structures and Data Organization (IPD) under Prof. Dr. Ralf H. Reussner. This thesis finished my studies of Computer Sciences at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (former Universität Karlsuhe (TH)).

The thesis takes an regression based approach to the prediction of storage performance. Different techniques for the generation and evaluation of regression models are evaluated. Additionally, different regression techniques are compared and checked for their applicability in the field of storage performance prediction. The measurements and the evaluation is done using a IBM System z which uses state of the art virtualization techniques. The results show, that the black box approach proposed in this thesis can lead to prediction errors smaller than 5% which is a very good value.

Study Thesis

I wrote my study thesis (Bachelor's thesis equivalent) titled Comparison of Distribution Technologies in Different NoSQL Database Systems in spring 2011 in English at the Institute of Applied Informatics and Formal Description Methods (AIFB).

Research Paper

A research paper titled Fault Induction & Bug Using was written by me for the Seminar Practical Cryptoanalysis in spring 2010 in German at the Institute of Cryptography and Security.


Today in History

Icon of the Today In History application This Android application shows historic events which happened on the current days in a home screen widget and in a application. I developed this application which was been downloaded by more than 60.000 users on the Google Play Store.

Janina Gleim - Artist

Reflexion IV - An picture by Janina Gleim For the German young abstract painter Janina Gleim I made a website presenting to present her picture and as a show case for her work and life. She paints abstract pictures which can be interpreted in many different ways. The German website features a custom made single page theme heavily relying on Twitter Bootstrap 3 and some custom JavaScript.



If you want to contact me, you can write me an email at dominik@dbruhn.de. You can also contact me on Google Plus and via Google Talk at bruhndominik@gmail.com.


You can find me on Stack Overflow and on the Stack Exchange Network. I host some small projects on github. I'm also available on LinkedIn and on Google Plus.


The website was developed using Bootstrap. The background image is own work, a photo taken in Sölden (Austria).